Cute Status for Girl in English for Instagram | Cute Attitude Status for Girls

By | December 18, 2020

Cute Status for Girls:-Enjoy the latest collection of Cute status for Girl in english for instagram, cute attitude status for girls,cute whatsapp status for girls.


Cute Status for Girl in English for Instagram

Cute Status for Girl in English for Instagram


Girls Cute Status


I am a flower, but you smell the flower.


A girl should never think of what people think of her as long as she is happy with herself.


There are two ways to rule me and nobody knows them!!



A girl should be two things in one: fabulous and classy.



I believe in free speech, I also believe in Mute, block, delete, unfriend.



Look pretty. Be educated. Dress neatly and Make Money



A girl should live like a Butterfly… Pretty to see but difficult to catch.



I’ve had enough of trying to prove myself to people. Now I don’t care about what people think as long as I’m happy with myself!



Respect is for those who deserve it !!!..Not for those who demand..



I act like a lady, but I think like a boss that’s why they call me the ‘Boss Lady’.



Why try to fit in when you are born to stand out in the crowd?



I Don’t Have A Short Temper… I Just Have A Quick Reaction To Wrong Actions



A girl adding you to her WhatsApp is a modern sign of trust.



So afraid to fall in love


Cute Status For Girl In English


Cute Status for Girl in English

Cute Status for Girl in English


Be that girl with a good soul that people always crave her vibes.



Always be a first-copy version of yourself, instead of a second-copy version of somebody else.



Marriage is like insurance. You pay, pay, and pay, but never get anything back



I love the one who stays in my heart, more than my dreams.



The weirder you are, the more fun you will be.



Don’t poke your nose in my matters. I am fantastic, and I know it.



You asked me to be cool but do you know that I am the coolest?



She has a savage attitude savage but her heart is gold.


Learn the rule like a Pro, so that you can break it like an Artist.




I am like a butterfly, pretty to look at but hard to catch.



Instead of being a slave in heaven, just be a king in Hell.



If you stop telling people lies about me, I’ll stop telling them the truth about you.


If you’ve got haters, know that you are doing something right!


Don’t care about what people have to say, they will eventually die in the end.



No one cares what you think, I know I am awesome and that’s enough



I’m currently in high school attending my favorite subjects, lunch & recess.



Some people just deserve a High-Five on their face.



Not everyone likes me, but remember not everyone matters



Life is easy, but the queen is busy.



Dear boys! A Hero without “o” is zero



I’m not in search of perfect love. In fact, I create perfect love.



Yes! I’m different. Have a problem with that?


I hate compromising my dreams for others



I may not be the girl you want. But I’m surely not the one that you have.



I am better than your ex, and I am cooler than your next



Every girl wants a bad boy, so he can be good only for her. While every boy wants a good girl to be bad only for him.



If you are once a queen, you’re always a queen.



If nothing goes right, then go to bed.



Life is super cool without any rule.




I am classy; I am fabulous. I am a girl!



I am a naughty girl. I don’t play with the hearts. I play with minds



Before judging me prove that you’re perfect



I am a hot girl with a cool attitude.


The girls must be like butterflies, beautiful to see, hard to catch



It is my nature to forgive everyone, because I am not like others.


Men who are not attracted to girls with brains, literally don’t like girls.



If a girl adds you to her WhatsApp then it’s a modern sign of trust.



I’m the girl with big dreams on my way of becoming a woman with a vision.


I am a billion-dollar girl



The reason girls play hard to get, is because guys play hard to keep.



I’m the girl you can only dream of and never get



Only a few guys realize that little thing that can hurt a girl.



I never lose, I either win or learn.



Girls are too shy to be the first to start it, so take your chance!



Beauty is limited to the skin, but attitude extends deep down into the bone!



Commonest lies for girls: Nothing I’m fine. Commonest lies for guys: I love you.



Do not expect that someone should take care of you, because no one can take care of you more than you.



My thoughts are girly, my attitude is that of a b!tch and my class a lady.



There is a lot to like here, but I like your smile only.



Attitude is the reward for dealing with stupid people for several years.



Don’t judge me by looking at me, because no one can judge cuteness.



Dreaming impossible things is my stuff. After all dreams come true.



You may find a girl smarter than me, funnier than me, and prettier than me. But you will never find anyone that is me.



There is one thing in life I’m yet to learn. It’s Running away from troubles.



Don’t wait for it to get all rosy before you can put on your own glass slippers and shine.



A smart girl will kiss but wouldn’t love… listens but wouldn’t believe… and finally, leave before she is left.



Girls are beautiful souls with the power to creates hell.



I never forget to act like I’m wearing an invisible crown.


Cute Status For Girl In Hindi


Cute दिखना भी एक art है जो सिर्फ लड़कियों को ही आता है


दिल से थोड़ी बच्ची हूँ किसी का दिल नहीं तोड़ सकती , लेकिन किसी का मुँह ज़रूर तोड़ सकती हूँ



पहले भी हम थे, कल भी हम ही रहेंगे, ना हमारी कोई जगह ले सकेगा , ना हम उसे अपनी जगह लेने देंगे |




Jhuk Ke Tere Aage Ye Ikraar

Karti Hoon

Main Tumse Meri Jaan Bahut

Pyaar Karti Hoon



आज भी मैँ अकेली हूँ, नसीब ही ख़राब है, मेरा नहीं लड़को का, आज तक कोई Impress ही नहीं कर पाया



मेरी रूह की आवाज़ हो तुम

कहा ना बहुत खास हो तुम



एक लड़का मुझसे बोला तू Smart Cute होके भी Single क्यूँ है.. मैंने भी बोल दिया संस्कार पगले संस्कार !!


Suno Jaan

Ek Tum Hi To Ho Jisko

Maine Pehli Baar Jaan

Kaha Hai


Mana ki mai kuch khaas nhi pr mujh jaisi kisi me baat nhi.



उसने कहा महँगी पड़ेगी तुझे ये दुश्मनी, मैंने भी कहा सस्ता तो मैं काज़ल भी नहीं लगाती


Kyu bnu… mai kisi or ke jaisa.Zmaane me jb mujhsa koi nhi…


तेरी मोहब्बत और मेरी फितरत में फर्क सिर्फ इतना है कि तेरा Attitude नहीं जाता और मुझे झुकना नहीं आता


Boyfriend नहीं है तो क्या हुआ ? एक नज़र में सबको घायल कर दूँ ऐसी अदा तो है  |



बच्ची हूँ पर दिल की अच्छी हूँ, थोड़ी सी ज़िद्दी और नखरे वाली हूँ , पर बहुत प्यारी हूँ !


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